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Facebook Arcade is the official gaming client developed by Facebook to let you play all the games on this popular social network from an interface especially designed for that purpose. In short, it's like Steam but exclusively for F2P Facebook games.

Using Facebook Arcade is very simple. By default the application shows featured games first, but you can then filter them by genre or just use the search box to find a specific game you might want to play. Just click any title to start playing.

All the games run in the same window as Facebook Arcade, and they work pretty well as long as you have a good Internet connection. In fact, one of the app's strengths is that it has a better performance than playing on an Internet browser. You also get fewer ads.

Facebook Arcade is an interesting platform for anyone who wants to enjoy Facebook games on a specially designed platform. The library includes games such as Kingsroad, Candy Crush Saga, Soccer Stars, Song Pop, and many others.
Facebook Arcade: Launch and manage all your games

One of Facebook's major drags is that thick, sticky layer of socially interactive components in video games that invariably end up posting links on your wall. Not to mention the endless stream of hateful notifications that pop up to much annoyance to those of us devils who'd prefer to know absolute zilch about farms, lives, and shiny candy. Luckily, albeit en retard, they've finally come up with a tool (in beta, for now) that lets you install and launch games on an external interface that in many lights bears a striking resemblance to Steam and GOG. Welcome Facebook Arcade.

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